PM Note: Suddenly There's a Debate About Working Women, Will GOP Buy Christie's Plan?

Today in 1919 - Congress Approved 19th Amendment -

Today in 2013 - Suddenly There's a Debate About Women in the Workplace - A governor stirs simmering debate about women and moms in the workplace. Add that to last week's contretemps over the PEW "breadwinner moms" study and recent comments by a hedge fund billionaire and you've got the makings of… something -

Also - a wall of brass-spangled military officers defends military justice (and a commander's prerogative to step outside of it, even in cases of sexual assault) in the face of tough questions by an imposing set of women senators.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: "Not every single commander necessarily wants women in the force, not every single commander believes what a sexual assault is, not every single commander can distinguish between a slap on the ass and a rape."

John McCain: Mamas, don't let your baby girls grow up to be in the military -

Warrior Princess - Meet Kristin Beck, who served 20 years as Navy Seal Chris Beck -

Christie Orders October Special Election for Lautenberg Seat - Josh Margolin and Shush Walshe report: "The surprise move upends both state and national political worlds. At the same time, it allows Christie to avoid the fraught terrain of having to appoint an interim lawmaker to serve through the upcoming debates in Washington on topics like immigration reform."

Rick Klein Analysis - Christie's Non-Political Play Plays Politics- By professing not to play politics, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie chose a way to fill a vacant Senate seat that came with political benefit - and no shortage of political fallout. First, the non-politics: the Republican governor is going forward with primary and general elections to fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., as early as possible under state law. (Rick Klein)

Cory Booker will have to break pledge to run in special - via the Washington Post -

Incredulous IRS Victims Air Grievances on Political Targeting- The House Ways and Means committee heard a shared sense of frustration today from incredulous representatives of several organizations whose applications were delayed by the Internal Revenue Service, fueling the kind of congressional wrath on display this week during a slew of hearings examining the agency's decision to apply excessive scrutiny to conservative political groups looking for tax-exempt status.

"The types of questions asked by the IRS included asking me to identify the political affiliation of my mentors and that I advise the IRS of my political position on virtually every issue of importance to me," Kevin Kookogey, the founder and president of Linchpins of Liberty, testified.

Flip argument by Earl Blumenauer - "Let's stop this charade of pretending that these are social welfare organizations and admit that they are political, treat them as such, and play by the same rules that everybody on the committee plays for when we're involved in politics." (John Parkinson)

Senate Republicans Organize Against Immigration Bill -

Obama Tells GOP 'Don't Play Games' as He Nominates 3 Judges- President Obama today slammed Senate Republicans who he says have "cynically used Senate rules and procedures to delay and even block qualified nominees," as he made an unusually public point of nominating three judges to serve on the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. "This is not about principled opposition; this is about political obstruction," the president said in a Rose Garden statement. (Mary Bruce)

Pregnant Rep. Prays for Miracle as Baby Faces Fatal Condition -

Lawmakers Beg Kathleen Sebelius to Save 10-Year-Old Girl's Life- A 10-year-old girl is fighting for her life, and House Republicans today accused Kathleen Sebelius of refusing to save her. The Health and Human Services Secretary appeared this morning before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and while lawmakers once again clashed with her over implementation of the Affordable Care Act, several appeared more concerned with the case of Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old from Newtown Square, Pa., who may die of cystic fibrosis without a lung transplant in the coming weeks. (Chris Good)

Obama and the U.S. Ally Turkey - What Protests in Turkey Mean to the U.S.- From Abby Phillip - With protestors taking to Turkey's streets and calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Obama administration is once again finds itself having to slap an ally on the wrists for bad behavior. It was only two weeks ago that President Obama praised his "friend" and "ally" during Erdogan's visit to the White House. Now, the Obama administration is admonishing Erogan's government for using excessive force against anti-government protestors.

Syria and Sarin - Jon Karl draws our attention to his rather pointed Q&A with the White House press secretary on the latest evidence from France and the United Nations that Syria has used chemical weapons. Despite the previous talk of red lines, the White House seems to be signaling no major change in policy on Syria is on the horizon.

In fact, Karl points out that Carney, in stark contrast to the French Foreign Minister, plays down the evidence - at one point even suggesting the evidence Syria used chemicals weapons - as convincing as it may be - is less convincing than the evidence presented before the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (and, as you may recall, it turned out that Saddam did not have WMD).

KARL: Jay, of course, the president said that use of chemical weapons in Syria is a red line - a game-changer. Now, with more evidence that chemical weapons were used in Syria, what is the president going to do about it ?

MR. CARNEY: Well, as you heard the president say, Jon, he wants to be sure that we have collected not just the evidence that we had when we talked about this earlier and that was discussed in a letter to the Senators - we need more, and we need to build on it. We need to establish chain of custody. We need to establish the incidents themselves of the use of chemical weapons, and we need to be able to have the kind of evidence that is - can be corroborated and reviewed if we are going to make policy decisions based on the assertion that chemical weapons were used by the Assad - Bashar al- Assad regime.

Things went on from there.

Being Hillary Clinton - Celebrates With De la Renta, Kissinger- Hillary Clinton is out of office and out of Washington while she takes some time away from politics, writes a book and mulls a run for president. But she's certainly not out of the public eye. The former secretary of state, senator and first lady's double-booked Monday night might have come straight out of the life of any A-list celebrity. (Garrett Bruno)

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