The Note's Must-Reads for Thursday June 27, 2013

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Compiled by ABC News' Carrie Halperin, Amanda VanAllen, Jayce Henderson and Will Cantine

SCOUTS RULINGS The Washington Times' Seth McLaughlin: " Obama administration lost two-thirds of cases during Supreme Court term" President Obama celebrated the Supreme Court's decisions Wednesday on gay marriage, but overall it has been a rocky term before the court for his administration, winning just more than a third of the cases in which it was involved. Lawyers said the government traditionally averages about a 70 percent winning percentage before the high court. Its advantages are so great that the Justice Department's chief Supreme Court attorney, the solicitor general, is dubbed the "10th Justice." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Hailey Branson-Potts: " West Hollywood celebrates high court's rulings on gay marriage" The crowd gathered early Wednesday at the Abbey, a well-known gay bar in West Hollywood. Couples sipped coffee and watched TV as they awaited word of the Supreme Court's decisions relating to same-sex marriage. There was a wedding cake and champagne under a giant, rainbow-colored flag over the patio. LINK

The Hill's Ben Goad and Julian Hattem: " Supreme Court decision triggers massive overhaul of regulations" The Supreme Court's decision to overturn the ban on federal benefits for gay couples is sure to trigger a mammoth effort to change hundreds of regulations and laws across the breadth of government.The scope of the high court's ruling goes far beyond Social Security checks and joint tax returns. Its implications extend to everything from policies at the Pentagon to the immigration reform bill now being debated in Congress. LINK

The New York Times' Jennifer Medina: " For California Couples, Uncertainty On Gay Marriage Turn From 'If?' To 'When?'" For nearly a year now, Alex Webster has painstakingly planned her July wedding to her longtime partner, Sasha Klein. They chose a location, hired a caterer and even wrote the ceremony. They just did not know whether it would be legal. And even with a decision from the Supreme Court effectively permitting legal gay marriage in California, one basic question remained unanswered: When would same-sex marriages actually begin to happen again? LINK

Politico's Josh Gerstein: " The DOMA Decision Ripple Effect" The Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decisions managed to do the impossible: get gay rights advocates and conservative Justice Antonin Scalia to agree. Writing for the majority striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Anthony Kennedy was unsparing, declaring that the law's "purpose and effect [is] to disparage and to injure" those in same-sex marriages, subjecting them to "a stigma" that "humiliates tens of thousands of children now being raised by same-sex couples." LINK

The Washington Post's Robert Barnes: " Kennedy's Opinion May Predict The Future For Same-Sex Marriage" The Supreme Court moves incrementally. And, very often, inexorably. Seedlings planted take root. And that is why the careful, limited and even technical rulings announced Wednesday, the first time the court has squarely confronted the issue of same-sex marriage, hold such importance for the future. LINK

IMMIGRATION REFORM ABC News' Arlette Sanez: " Senators Bicker Over Immigration Amendments" Tempers flew in the Senate Wednesday afternoon as some Republicans pressed for the consideration of more immigration amendments after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid proposed votes on 32 amendments for Thursday morning. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, took to the Senate floor Wednesday to call for a separate vote on his amendment, which aims to toughen requirements in the E-Verify program. LINK

USA Today's Fredreka Schouten " Immigration amendment contains deals sought by industry" A compromise immigration measure that would dramatically increase border security also contains provisions sought by industries that use cultural-exchange programs to recruit youngsters from overseas to work as au pairs, camp counselors and in an array of other seasonal jobs. One provision tucked into the deal brokered by Republican Sens. Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota, for instance, would allow Alaska's seafood processors to employ foreign youngsters on a summer-work travel program - overturning a ban the Obama administration put in place last year to protect foreign exchange students from jobs the U.S. government deems dangerous. LINK

TAXES The Wall Street Journal's John D. McKinnon: " Senate Finance Leaders to Set Stage for Big Tax Debate" The leaders of the Senate Finance Committee are expected to provide an update on their quest to rewrite the tax code on Thursday, setting the stage for a wide-ranging debate this summer. Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D., Mont.) and the committee's ranking Republican, Orrin Hatch of Utah, are expected to outline next steps in a "dear-colleague" letter to fellow senators. LINK

SENATOR-ELECT EDWARD MARKEY The Boston Globe's Jim O'Sullivan: " Edward Markey unlikely to become a celebrity senator" Senator-elect Edward J. Markey will land in Washington with less fanfare than any Massachusetts senator elected in recent memory, a 1970s holdover who triumphed in a sleepy election with an outcome that seemed foregone nearly from the start. Even Markey's comfortable victory margin over Republican nominee Gabriel E. Gomez will not fashion him a celebrity senator, in the mold of first Scott Brown and then Elizabeth Warren, who came to Washington with national profiles. Nor does he spark talk about someday running for national office, the way Brown and Warren, and their predecessors, did. LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEO " Digital Report: Edie Windsor on Historic DOMA Decision" LINK

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