George Will: Anthony Weiner Has an 'Animal Neediness for Public Gratification'

VIDEO: George Will: Weiner Shows Animal Neediness For Public Gratification

Below you can find some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Our powerhouse roundtable guests included ABC's George Will; Editor and Publisher of The Nation and columnist K atrina vanden Heuvel ; Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan; former Lead Auto Adviser and Counselor to the Treasury Secretary Steven Rattner, now chair of Willett Advisors; and ESPN's Jeremy Schaap.

GWJULY28 George Will: Anthony Weiner Has an Animal Neediness for Public Gratification

WILL: This would be a part of a lot of somber sociology in the media about the Republican war on women. I will skip that. I will go instead to the fact, what explains this man, Peggy, is that animal neediness for public gratification. There are people like this. He got out of college, went to work on the congressional staff, became the youngest member ever of the New York city council, ran for the House. He can't live without this.

Rattner says we can't let the people Detroit sit with 'feral dogs for the rest of their lives'

RATTNER: So that's fine. And so what do you want to do, do you want to leave them sitting in exactly the situation you just described, or in the spirit of America trying to help people who are less fortunate, whether their victims of natural disasters or their own ignorance or whatever, do you want to reach out and try to help them and try to reinvent Detroit for not a lot of money. We're talking about a couple billion dollars here, this is small potatoes in the great scheme of life, or else you have your scenario, just leave them all sit with feral dogs for the rest of their lives.

Vanden Heuvel says Weiner scandal a distraction from serious issues, 'metastasizing inequality'

VANDEN HEUVEL: But, you know, I think that New Yorkers - leave it to New Yorkers. You see the polls imploding already. But I have to say, as a life-long New Yorker, I find this such a turnoff, such a distraction from the real scandals of the city. And to get serious for a moment, the metastasizing inequality in the city is a real scandal. When was the last time you really fixed on that? There is one candidate in this race, Bill de Blasio, who is speaking to that in a coherent way. But otherwise, until Anthony Weiner's sexting and all of that leave the race, the oxygen's sucked out.

Will sees 'sea change' in how MLB players view steroids issue

WILL: The sea change here, the real seriousness now on the part of the players themselves… And the Player's Association has changed in response to their constituency, the players themselves, which - for years, the Player's Association treated this as a privacy issue, a civil rights issue, this resistance to testing. One of the leaders of the player's union said it's like smoking cigarettes, it's a bad habit, but of no concern to anyone else. The players have changed their minds… If you can void contracts, that's the hammer.

Schaap says MLB still needs stronger punishments to deter performance enhancing drug use

SCHAAP: But it's still worrisome that there's no real deterrent, the way there is in other sports like track and field and cycling… So until baseball approaches this with even greater punishment, and it's doing a better job than the other pro leagues, we're still going to have this problem.

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