The Note's Must-Reads for Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Compiled by ABC News' Carrie Halperin, Jordan Mazza, Amanda VanAllen and Will Cantine

SENATE The Wall Street Journal's Corey Boles and Kristina Peterson: " Filibuster Deal Pulls Senate From Brink" The Senate stepped back Tuesday from the edge of a partisan clash over President Barack Obama's executive-branch nominees, as Republicans agreed to quick consideration of his choices for several senior jobs and Democrats stood down from a threat to limit the minority party's use of filibusters. The deal paves the way for the confirmations of five of Mr. Obama's executive branch nominees and the expedited consideration of two more named Tuesday. Republicans won the withdrawal of two nominees for the National Labor Relations Board whose recess appointments last year are now under Supreme Court review. LINK

The New York Times' Jonathan Weisman and Jennifer Steinhauer: " Senators Reach Agreement to Avert Fight Over Filibuster" Senate leaders reached an agreement on Tuesday to preserve the filibuster in exchange for confirmation votes on President Obama's stalled nominees, ending, at least for now, months of partisan warfare that threatened the stability of several federal agencies and a generation of procedural traditions. The deal, which paved the way for votes on seven nominees, was a classic Senate outcome: an inconclusive result that left both sides claiming some vindication. LINK

Bloomberg's Greg Giroux: "Senators Weighing Rule Changes Ignore Chamber's History" The push to change U.S. Senate rules to curb extended debate came as the chamber has undergone its biggest turnover in more than 30 years, potentially skewing the perspective of Democrats supporting the revision that, if adopted, could have handicapped them in the future. The Senate, unlike the U.S. House, is a legislative body where the majority's hold has been tenuous because members are elected statewide rather than from uniquely drawn districts. Starting in the 1980 election, when big gains by Republicans gave them a Senate majority for the first time in 26 years, the two parties have swapped control of the chamber six times, compared to three power shifts in the House. LINK


USA Today's Oren Dorell: " Seized missile radars on N. Korean ship a threat to aircraft" Missile radar systems discovered aboard a North Korean-flagged ship that had last been in Cuba could be upgraded to make air-defense systems more effective at shooting down modern military aircraft, military analysts said Tuesday. The North Korean ship was seized after inspectors found weapons system parts under sacks of sugar as it sought to cross the Panama Canal on its way to its home country, Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli said Tuesday. North Korea is under a United Nations arms embargo. LINK


ABC News' Shushannah Walshe: "Attorney General Eric Holder Addresses Trayvon Martin Shooting, Criticizes Stand Your Ground Laws" Attorney General Eric Holder strongly condemned "Stand Your Ground" laws today in a speech that became intensely personal at times and addressed the shooting of Trayvon Martin and Saturday'sacquittal of George Zimmerman. At the NAACP convention in Orlando, Fla., Holder, the first black attorney general, said of the "Stand Your Ground" laws that it is "time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods." LINK


The Boston Globe's Maria Sacchetti: " Immigration judges pushing for independence" Federal immigration judges are urging Congress to liberate them from the Department of Justice, a dramatic bid for independence that could eventually open immigration court records to the public for the first time in US history. As lawmakers debate immigration legislation, the judges have intensified lobbying efforts in Washington with phone calls, letters, and personal trips to the Capitol, armed with support from national legal organizations including the American Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association. LINK


The Washington Times' Tom Howell Jr.: " Looking to keep GOP out of health care decisions, Obama threatens to veto bill backing his own delay" President Obama has threatened to veto a House bill that would put into law a decision he made two weeks ago. In a statement, the White House said the Obama administration "strongly opposes" a pair of Republican-led bills to delay the employer mandate and individual mandate within the president's signature health care law. LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEO "Senate Avoids 'Nuclear Option' on Filibuster Deal" LINK

"Obama Admin Not Expecting 'Long-Term Problems' With Russia Over Snowden Asylum" LINK

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