LZ Granderson: John Kerry Shows 'Poor Sign of Consistency' When It Comes to Gay Athletes' Rights in Russia

VIDEO: George Will, Christine Brennan, and LZ Granderson on the latest sports scandals.

Below you can find some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Our powerhouse roundtable guests included ABC News' George Will, ABC News Political Analyst and Special Correspondent Matthew Dowd, ABC News Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny, Starfish Media Group CEO Soledad O'Brien, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, ESPN contributor LZ Granderson, and USA Today columnist Christine Brennan.

GRANDERSON: You know, in 2011 Hillary Clinton gave, you know, arguably one of her most historical speeches in U.N. history when she talked about gay rights being human rights. And this was John Kerry's opportunity to follow up with that, to show some consistency. The fact that we haven't really heard from him, from his office regarding this issue, the fact that we had to have 83 lawmakers send a letter to him, asking him to come out and say something, his support of gay Olympians, I think is a really, really a poor sign of consistency from the secretary of state about gay rights being human rights.

lzgranderson LZ Granderson: John Kerry Shows Poor Sign of Consistency When It Comes to Gay Athletes Rights in Russia

Will considers Weiner scandal to be 'a guilty pleasure'

WILL: In what I hope are the last words I'm ever required to utter about this man, say this, in his brief but not brief enough congressional career, he was 1/435 of one half of one of our three branches of government, during which tenure he made no discernible mark on the national life. We're doing this because he's peculiar and because it's August.

RADDATZ: And because it's like a car wreck, I think you told me -

WILL: Exactly.

RADDATZ: You can't take your eyes off it.

WILL: It's a guilty pleasure

Dowd predicts Republicans will benefit in 2016 if they keep social issues off the table

DOWD: The huge benefit to this right now with - among Republicans, in my view, is social issues aren't part of the conversation right now. And I think in the end, if Republicans can keep social issues off the debate going into 2016 and it's about finances, about the role of government, Republicans will benefit from that.

Tanden says 'anemic' economic growth hurt by sequestration

TANDEN: And I think on this issue what we've seen over the last week is that we have really poor growth. We have growth, but it's pretty anemic and what's really upsetting about where we are is that Washington is inflicting the growth through sequestration.

Brennan says A-Rod in trouble; this 'is not your grandmother's or grandfather's drug test anymore'

BRENNAN: Well, and when you look at what happened with Ryan Braun last week, you know, he had been adamant that he had not done anything and then he took the 65-game suspension.

This is mountains of evidence that Major League Baseball has against all these baseball players, apparently 10 of them in all. This is - these are records, these are documents. This is not your grandmother's or grandfather's drug test anymore. This is as if you were trying to get evidence in a criminal trial. Major League Baseball has the goods on these guys and A-Rod is in big trouble.

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