Coach Obama Turns To Sports To Explain Health Care 'Fumble'

VIDEO: President Obama says the health care game is far from over.

As he fielded questions about the troubled opening weeks of Obamacare during a tense, 50-minute press conference on Thursday, President Obama turned to a subject that he thinks resonates with the American people: Sports.

"We fumbled the rollout on this health care law," the president said bluntly, but added, "the game is not over."

It was a page right out of the Obama playbook. As he told ESPN's Bill Simmons during his "B.S Report" in March 2012: "For all our differences politically, regionally, economically most folks understand sports."

And on Thursday, the president-turned-quarterback tried to help the American people understand why Obamacare's first quarter has been so problem plagued.

"If I fumbled the ball, I'm going to wait until I get the next play, and then I'm going to try to run as hard as I can and do right by the team," he said. "I'm the head of this team. We did fumble the ball on it, and what I'm going to do is make sure that we get it fixed."

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