Gov. Christie Cancels Ellis Island Inauguration Bash

Gov. Chris Christie just can't catch a break.

His inauguration party, already overshadowed by Bridgegate and Sandy fund accusations, was canceled today because of snow.

The snow started in New Jersey earlier than predicted and came down far faster and much harder than expected so Christie's inaugural committee was forced to cancel their bash at Ellis Island.

"Unfortunately due to the anticipated severe weather conditions posed by today's winter storm, we have made the decision to cancel this evening's Inaugural Celebration at Ellis Island," a statement the committee released reads.

They add that they "regret" to cancel the event, but "safety" of their guests is their "first priority."

The cancellation may have a silver lining for the Christie administration. The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports today that Christie's inauguration committee was having trouble unloading the $500 tickets to the Ellis Island bash.

Former state Assemblyman Rick Merkt, a onetime Christie ally, but longtime Christie critic tells ABC News he was approached by an inaugural committee volunteer.

"They did call me trying to peddle a ticket a couple of days ago. It was a volunteer trying to scare up interest, said to me that 'as a Republican leader who has always supported Chris Christie, would I be interested?' Me. It's almost on the eve of the event and they're calling me trying to unload tickets. Rather bizarre that anyone in their group would call me and at this late before the event they need to sell tickets. They must be struggling."

Merkt, who is the rare New Jersey Republican to have always been willing to speak candidly about his onetime ally, said he declined to shell out the dough.

"Given New Jersey's economic condition, I think I can find better things to do with $500," he said.

Christie will be sworn into office at noon at the War Memorial in Trenton today. He attended a morning prayer service at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark.

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