Obamacare Supporters Troll Ted Cruz On Facebook

Well … that backfired.

It appeared Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex., expected something entirely different from Facebook when he asked whether his Facebook followers were better off with Obamacare than they were four years ago, suggesting they "Comment with YES or NO!"

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Comment they did.

By late Wednesday afternoon, the status update had more than 55,000 replies.

"I and a few million other people are a lot better off," said one user. "I hope you are enjoying your Cadillac plan given to you by your wife's employer, Goldman Sachs."

"YES, best law ever! And way overdue!" read another one.

And the comment generating the most "likes"?

"Impeach Ted Cruz! He caused the shutdown that hurt this country badly!"

It took a good deal of scrolling to reach the first comment with a negative review of the health care law, which Cruz has become notorious for combating since joining the Senate in 2013.

"No. I couldn't afford healthcare before and I still can't and now will also have to pay a fine," the commenter said. "Wish I could fine the government for making my life hell everyday."

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told Politico that the comments were "clearly a manufactured, concerted effort from people on the left making comments days after the original post was put up."

Still, it didn't appear the vast majority of commenters would be getting friend requests from Cruz any time soon.

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