The Note's Must-Reads for Thursday, May 15, 2014

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Will Cantine, and Jordan Mazza

HEALTH CARE ABC News' Shushannah Walshe: " Bill Clinton Warns Democratic Candidates Not to 'Run Away' From Obamacare" Former president Bill Clinton offered a vigorous defense of Obamacare today, while sending a message to election-year Democrats who might be inclined to put some distance between themselves and their vote for the Affordable Care Act. "I think it's a terrible mistake for people who voted for the health care bill to run away from it," Clinton said at a fundraiser for the Center for American Progress at the Newseum in Washington this evening. LINK

COLLEGE REGULATIONS USA Today's Aamer Madhani: " For-profit colleges, student advocates lobby Obama" As the Obama administration prepares to establish new rules governing for-profit colleges later this year, student advocates and the career college industry are waging a fierce battle to shape the coming regulations. Stakeholders on both sides of the debate are ramping up their push on the administration just as the public comment period on a proposed "gainful employment" regulation is set to close May 26. LINK

PRIMARY RESULTS The Wall Street Journal's Rhodes Cook: " In 2014 Primaries So Far, Good News for Incumbents" With Tuesday's elections in Nebraska and West Virginia, we are now seven states deep into the 2014 primary season. Already, nominations have been decided in nearly 100 of the nation's 435 congressional districts. In a year when it once looked as though many incumbents would be quite vulnerable, exactly none, zero, nada have lost thus far. That goose egg applies not only to sitting House members but to senators and governors as well. LINK

THE CLINTONS The Washington Times' Ben Wolfgang: " Benghazi attack, Russia reset, Boko Haram to play into Clinton's ambitions for 2016" Hillary Rodham Clinton brings a quarter-century of public service to her potential presidential campaign, but it's her most recent job as secretary of state for President Obama - overseeing relations with Russia, handling the terrorist attack in Benghazi and negotiating over the war on terrorism - that could come back to haunt her. Many of Mr. Obama's current political problems also could affect Mrs. Clinton, including the handling of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the decision not to slap the terrorist label on Boko Haram, a group responsible for kidnapping hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls last month. LINK

The Washington Post's Zachery Goldfarb: " Clinton Defends Economic Record" Former president Bill Clinton defended his economic record Wednesday evening, arguing that all Americans benefited from growth during his tenure. Speaking at a gala hosted by the liberal Center for American Progress in Washington, Clinton said he was tired of hearing that income inequality had been increasing unabated since the late 1970s. "In the period I served was the only period since the late 70s" when Americans across the income distribution saw gains, he said. In fact, he noted, the bottom fifth of earners saw more gains than the top fifth. LINK

Politico's Katie Glueck: " Hillary Clinton To Leaders: Help All Daughters" Hillary Clinton returned Wednesday to one of her favorite subjects, calling for a broader conversation about empowering women and girls, and urging world leaders to think not just of their own daughters but also of their "countries' daughters." It was a familiar subject in front of a friendly audience for the potential 2016 Democratic presidential contender, who has faced days of extra-intense scrutiny after Monica Lewinsky published an essay in Vanity Fair and GOP strategist Karl Rove questioned the former secretary of state's health. LINK

The New York Times' Jackie Calmes: " Bill Clinton Rebuts Speculation On His Wife's Health" Former President Bill Clinton said on Wednesday that Democrats should not run away from the Affordable Care Act in the midterm elections, and - weighing in on a recent topic of interest for the 2016 election - said his wife's health was just fine, Republican conjecture notwithstanding. "First, they said she faked her concussion, and now they say she's auditioning for a part in 'The Walking Dead,'" Mr. Clinton said during a fiscal meeting here. It was his first public response to speculation spawned by Karl Rove, the Republican strategist, who suggested that Hillary Rodham Clinton might have suffered a "traumatic brain injury" in a 2012 fall. LINK

IMMIGRATION The Hill's Russell Berman: " Conservatives prod House Republicans on immigration" Conservative supporters of immigration reform are joining President Obama in prodding House Republicans to bring legislation to the floor before Congress breaks for its August recess.Grover Norquist, the anti-tax activist who is in favor of an immigration overhaul, convened allies on a conference call Wednesday to keep up the drumbeat for reform in the face of continued resistance from conservatives in the House. LINK

U.S. ROADWAY REPAIRS The Los Angeles Times' Kathleen Hennessey and Michael Memoli: " Standoff on U.S. roadway repairs becoming 'highway cliff'" Without quick action by Congress, the U.S. Transportation Department may begin scaling back or halting work on thousands of roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects at the height of the construction season this July, when the nation's Highway Trust Fund is expected to run dry. But as recent spending battles in Washington have shown, finding bipartisan cooperation to prevent the fund from becoming insolvent will be no easy task, particularly in an election year. LINK

The New York Daily News' Jennifer Fermino: " President Obama says Republicans' lack of action to repair roads puts economy in danger during Tappan Zee Bridge visit" With the aging Tappan Zee Bridge behind him, President Obama Wednesday said Republicans were putting America's economy at risk by not acting on his plan to repair nation's crumbling roads, ports and bridges. "We've got more than 100,000 bridges that are old enough to qualify for Medicare," Obama said during his visit to suburban Tarrytown, Westchester County. LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEO " Obama Pushes for New Infrastructure Funding" LINK

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