The Note's Must-Reads for Monday, June 16, 2014

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Jordan Mazza and Cristian Roscher

IRAQ ABC News' Alisa Wiersema: " Rep. Michael McCaul Hits Obama on Iraq Response" House Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, criticized the Obama administration for its deliberate response to the escalating crisis in Iraq, while calling the threat from the extremist group ISIS overrunning the country "one of the biggest threats" to the United States. "This is a crisis. It does call for a response, not going to Palm Springs for a fundraiser," McCaul said Sunday on "This Week," referring to President Obama spending Father's Day weekend in Florida. LINK

The Washington Times' Rowan Scarborough: " Obama ignored general's pleas to keep U.S. forces in Iraq" The last American commander in Iraq recommended to the Obama administration that 23,000 U.S. troops remain to cement the victory, but no deal was ever reached with Baghdad, and all combat forces went home. That stalemate has come back to haunt the country as al Qaeda-linked extremists, who had been defeated by 2011, have returned to Iraq in a terrorist campaign to capture huge swaths of territory in northern and western areas. LINK

The New York Daily News' Adam Edelman: " Iraq militants will bring battle to U.S. if they aren't stopped, lawmakers warn" The radical Sunni militants rampaging through war-torn Iraq will bring their battle to the U.S. if they are not stopped, a prominent lawmaker warned Sunday. "This is as dangerous as it gets," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers said on "Fox News Sunday, issuing a devastating warning that the growing Al Qaeda contingent in Iraq presents a problem that "we're either going to face in New York City or we're going to face it (in Iraq)." LINK

PRESIDENT OBAMA Politico's Burgess Everett: " Obama-Congress intelligence pipeline broken" The Senate's spy watchdogs are abuzz over what lawmakers describe as a low point in relations with the Obama administration and its intelligence policymakers. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein has taken to the Senate floor and Sunday shows to denounce the administration for failing to communicate with Congress about the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the alleged seizure of committee documents by the Central Intelligence Agency. LINK

GOP The Hill's Julian Hattem: " McCarthy's rise in House GOP leadership could be boon for tech" Silicon Valley would be one of the winners if Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) becomes the next House majority leader. The GOP whip has been a frequent guest at major tech companies' headquarters and has had their back on nearly every issue in recent years, industry insiders say. "I think every time we've had something up or we've wanted to see progress on an issue, he's been there for us," said Andy Halataei, senior vice president of government relations at the Information Technology Industry Council. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Maeve Reston: " Republican fundraising for 2016 presidential race off to a slow start" At this time in the last presidential election cycle, top donors for Mitt Romney were quietly building the invisible network that would vault him to the nomination and raise more than $1 billion for his 2012 effort. Nothing like that is happening this year, as the 2016 contest looms. While a few potential presidential candidates have quietly met with major party donors over the last year - and five of them mingled informally last week with potential bundlers at Romney's annual three-day political retreat in Park City - a number of donors say they are surprised that their phones haven't been ringing. LINK

The New York Times' Emmarie Huetteman " 'There Is a Divide' in Republican Party, Cantor Says " Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House majority leader, said Sunday that he saw a troublesome division within the Republican Party, as he discussed his stunning primary defeat, which many are assessing for possible evidence that the Tea Party is regaining steam among Republicans. Though Mr. Cantor said in a separate interview, on CNN's "State of the Union," that the party's internal struggles "pale in comparison" to its differences with Democrats, he said Republicans need to resolve their party's own clash. LINK

The Washington Post's Robert Costa: " For tea party, Republican whip race is best shot at House leadership role" The last best hope for the tea party to win a House leadership post after the stunning primary defeat of Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) is the race for majority whip, the House's third-ranking position. But as House Republicans return to Washington on Monday, that contest risks becoming another lost opportunity for the conservatives who have called Cantor's loss a warning shot to the establishment. LINK

LOUSIANA SENATE RACE USA Today's Deborah Barfield Berry: " Marathon Louisiana Senate race heating up " WASHINGTON - Dramatic primaries in other states have grabbed national attention lately, but the spotlight may soon swing back to Louisiana, where a marathon Senate race is becoming increasingly heated. Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu faces a challenge from three Republicans, including Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy and retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness, in a race considered one of the most competitive in the country. LINK

ERIC CANTOR The Boston Globe's Philip Elliott: " GOP assesses Eric Cantor's defeat" Republicans, including the vanquished majority leader himself, on Sunday considered Representative Eric Cantor's primary loss last week to a little-known Tea Party challenger and what it means for the GOP heading forward. The monumental rejection of House Republicans' No. 2 lawmaker left many in Washington stunned and searching for a way to prevent another upset. LINK

CHUCK SCHUMER The Wall Street Journal's Yoni Bashan: " Schumer Calls for Electronic Recorders in Trucks" Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling for truck drivers across the country to have black-box-style recorders in their cabins to ensure they are abiding by federal regulations. Mr. Schumer, a New York Democrat, said crashes caused by fatigue on the roads are occurring too frequently, along with cases of drivers falsifying logbooks. LINK

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