Five Things You Might Not Know About Gov. Rick Perry

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Gov. Rick Perry of Texas will sit down for an interview on "This Week" Sunday with ABC's Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz. Here are five things you might not know about the governor of the Lone Star State.

1) Perry - who is a fifth generation Texan - was born in 1950. He grew up in Paint Creek. [You can see where it is below.] Perry did not have indoor plumbing the first five years of his life, earned the rank of Eagle Scout as a boy in the Boy Scouts and was a quarterback for his high school football team. He graduated from Texas A&M University (mentioned on the governor's website is that he is the first graduate of the university to "occupy the Governor's Mansion"). In college, he was a "yell leader." You can find out more about yell leaders here. He graduated in 1972.

2) Perry is married to Anita Thigpen Perry, who worked for many years as a nurse. The couple has two children named Griffin and Sydney. Perry told us something else about his family that you might not know. Head over to the "This Week" Instagram account to find out.

3) Perry spent several years as a Democrat and even supported former Vice President Al Gore during his 1988 bid for president. Perry joined the GOP in 1989.

4) Perry is his state's 47th and longest-serving governor, replacing George W. Bush in 2000 as Bush was preparing to enter the White House. Perry will not be running for another term as Texas governor but has not ruled out another bid for the White House following his last run, which is perhaps most memorable for the governor's now infamous "Oops" moment during one of the Republican presidential debates in Michigan.

5) The governor, like some other famous pols, has acting experience. He played himself in the 2005 Tommy Lee Jones film, "Man of the House."

BONUS: Right from the governor himself, here's one additional thing you might not know about him. Perry told this to ABC's Jeff Zeleny last year.

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