Obama Admits His Basketball Shot Is 'Broke'

VIDEO: Obama Admits His Basketball Game Is Broke

President Obama's basketball game isn't what it used to be, he revealed during a surprise stop for lunch at Canter's Deli in Los Angeles today.

After shaking hands with the people behind the counter at this family-owned landmark, the president talked a little basketball with two older gentleman sitting in a booth.

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Asked about his game, Obama told them "My shot's broken… My elbow keeps going out."

Rubbing his shoulder, he told them he probably makes about 80 percent of his shots (free throws, not in a game).

"I get that chicken wing," he said motioning with his elbow. "I'm just getting old."

The president made his way to a booth in the back where he sat with four people who wrote him letters, part of his effort to "meet with folks from across the country to listen to their stories, struggles, and successes, as well as the issues in their lives that matter most," according to the White House.

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