President Clinton Used Multiple-Choice Question Memos to Plan Trips

ABC News' Jennifer Hansler reports:

When it came to planning his travels, President Clinton's options were as simple as yes, no, or maybe. According to documents released today, decisions regarding his presidential trips were distilled down into multiple-choice memos.

The memos contain a series of descriptions of various travel options. They detail when the president and first lady would depart, where they would stay, who they would meet, what they would attend. Each description concludes with a question and a series of answers.

President Clinton used Multiple-Choice Question Memos to Plan Trips

Though most of the answer choices were "yes," "no," or "discuss," some gave the president a bit more discretion.

On a dinner and yacht-ride invitation from the king and queen of Spain, for example, President Clinton was given five choices: reject or accept the entire invitation, choose the dinner or the boat ride, or discuss.

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