President Obama Rallies the White House for Team USA

VIDEO: This Is How Obama Pumps Up Soccer Fans at His World Cup Viewing Party

The commander-in-chief knows how to rally the troops for Team USA.

President Obama joined White House staffers at a World Cup viewing party in the East Executive Office Building today, and he led them in a rousing chant.

"I believe, I believe, I believe that we will win," Obama chanted, pumping his fist as the crowd cheered and snapped pictures.

"I was worried if I walked in and Belgium scored, I'd be in trouble," the president joked.

He then asked the young man sitting next to him for a recap of the first half.

"It seems like the ball's on our side of the field, too much," Obama observed.

"Go, go! Oh, woah, that's a foul, give 'em a red card!" he exclaimed.

Earlier today, the president showed his team spirit on Twitter:

Last week, Obama told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that the tournament has had subtle impacts on U.S. foreign policy.

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