World Cup Frenzy and Soccer Ball Diplomacy

VIDEO: This Is How Obama Pumps Up Soccer Fans at His World Cup Viewing Party

It looks like there's still something almost everyone in Washington can rally behind-the United States in the World Cup.

America faced off against Belgium today, and everyone from John Boehner to Nancy Pelosi flocked to social media to show their support.

The hard-fought match culminated in a 2-1 victory for Belgium, but for one 120 minute period of time Republicans and Democrats alike seemed to agree on a singular sentiment. #IBelieve

Secretary of State John Kerry piped in as well-showing off his customized USA jersey on twitter.

Kerry traveled to Panama Tuesday, meeting with leaders from Central America to discuss the recent surge of unaccompanied minors migrating to the United States. And this isn't the first time Secretary Kerry has brought his soccer ball with him to work.

Back in March, Kerry met with Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov to discuss the escalating crisis in Ukraine. The two diplomats were photographed kicking around a soccer ball at the American Ambassador's residence in London-followed by a series of cheeky comments on behalf of Russia's Foreign Ministry.

Even President Obama couldn't escape the effects of the World Cup frenzy.

In an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the president said: "We had elements-which I won't detail-of our foreign policy that have been shaped around the World Cup," Obama told Stephanopoulos. "Phone calls meetings initiatives we had to think about."

And it appears that after her widely criticized sensational attack against soccer, Anne Coulter was the only one not watching Tuesday's game.

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