Kerry Acts as Translator During Event With Angolan VP

VIDEO: Secretary of State put his own knowledge of Portuguese to use for Manuel Vicente during a press availability.

Secretary of State John Kerry is known for his grasp of many languages and today during a photo op with the Angolan Vice President, he had to put those skills to work.

Angolan Vice President Manuel Vicente opted to speak in his native Portuguese in his appearance with Kerry before their meeting at the State Department, which took Kerry by surprise.

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They both looked around for a translator, but there was none.

Instead, after Vicente spoke, Kerry delivered a CliffNotes version of what was said.

"The quickest summary in the world is that he said he's very happy to be here in Washington with the Secretary of State, he's very happy to be here as part of this conference, that he looks forward to working with us in the continued stabilization of the continent of Africa."

As he completed his summary, he looked at his counterpart for approval.

"Is that fair?" he asked.

Kerry's wife Teresa, the daughter of a Portuguese doctor, is fluent in the language.

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