Cain: My Wife's 'At Peace With Me'

Herman Cain is one of Barbara Walters' "10 Most Fascinating People of the Year."
2:43 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Cain: My Wife's 'At Peace With Me'
Through this day I interviewed Herman Cain and I woke up. This morning and I'm miles I was not falling knowing you scratch your con -- and onto I thought how much did officials say wearing glasses and I said. I'm so glad this happened here I could go to my doctor and not -- -- -- but then I realized. But the president of Syria Bashar Assad used to be an ophthalmologist. And I thought I could affect the Hamdan not mister president. Stock potentially a few minutes and take a look at my -- -- funny -- more frightening to be around the president serial Herman Cain. Did you -- was threatened by hunting. Let me show you a little bit of -- -- and daily is -- -- I'm yelling yeah. I don't know. They've been -- and not question. -- women accused do those sexual harassment on women's center and a chance for thirteen years. What do you say to people who say where there's smoke there's fire. Well I say to people is not in this case here but if you're innocent why suspend -- campaign. The calls felt the pain that is calls in my life. And my family and me every patent it is -- in the media over and over and over that we're not gonna stop. -- your wife want you to suspend. Your candidacy know she would never do that. My wife and I have been married -- to three years. She shared with me how she felt it was their -- She believes me. And so I'm at peace with her she's at peace with me but you were. Innocent of all the charges yes. Yes. -- -- -- -- Does not stop until eleven this once -- isn't. -- because when you become president. You go -- -- they still do stuff to you -- your family is you know feeling hurt -- feeling pain that's that's the job. Use -- -- -- I don't know Latin. That he didn't know that when he started running that it was going to be out this stuff that was done I don't think he no longer have a lot of however intended to actually be serious candidate for president I -- -- -- -- -- 808. Here is absolutely serious salmon when he was he he -- -- -- -- or not. I'm going to be back -- president EDT shirts and -- And that's salinas'. Leftist first appearances yeah it would be interesting if his wife was there which she anywhere in the background just sitting on his -- that would have been.

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{"id":15138324,"title":"Cain: My Wife's 'At Peace With Me'","duration":"2:43","description":"Herman Cain is one of Barbara Walters' \"10 Most Fascinating People of the Year.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/herman-cain-wifes-peace-barbara-walters-interview-fascinating-people-of-year-2011-entertainment-15138324","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}