Michele Bachmann: 'We Will Go On'

GOP candidate looks forward to continuing her campaign.
5:07 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Michele Bachmann: 'We Will Go On'
The people -- -- have spoken and they have written the very first chapter. In this long journey -- acre country back for Barack Obama and make no mistake we well. And once again this wonderful republic that we are privileged to live in. He has worked the process worked. It's the people of Iowa who chose tonight it wasn't the pundits it wasn't the media and while this -- been a very tough campaign. We should never forget. That it's crucible will make the eventual nominee. Tried for even the tougher battle that is yet to come against Barack Obama. I am so proud of the people who have run our campaign here in Iowa. And I am will be -- -- grateful to this wonderful state. And to the wonderful people of higher -- for launching us on our path to victory in the Iowa's dropped ball. And this -- is given voice to people all over our country that Barack Obama's liberal policies are. Finish and that in 2012. There will be another occupant in the White House who knows maybe even another Michelle and the White House. And that once again it's the people's voice that will be heard there and make no mistake as I have set -- -- And early on this campaign Barack Obama will leave. -- -- -- -- Did you hear that America that you heard here from Iowa. I have a very real person I am not a politician nor do I ever hope or aspire to be a politician. I saw that the government was doing to all of us to our children. And doing to our liberties and so I decided to stand up. I decided that I was going to fight not only for our five children 123 Foster children but also for your children to because they deserve it. We deserved to give them a better in a more hopeful future. It's really true and I'm sorry to say we have strayed from the vision of our founders' view of government. And the 2012. Election might very well be our last opportunity. To reclaim our liberty from a government that some house seems bent on taking more and more of it away from us every day. But since day one of Barack Obama's presidency. I have led the fight in Washington against his liberal socialist policies. And when the president wanted a one trillion dollar stimulus package. I said now. And when the President Bush to take over your health care and replaced it with socialize medicine. I led 40000. People to Washington DC to let the president now that the American people were against it. We don't want socialized medicine we're not going to keep socialize medicine. And Barack Obama socialize medicine will be repealed. When the president said last summer he wanted to raise the debt Lima limit to an unbelievable sixteen trillion dollars. -- -- said no. Over the last three years the American people have tragically. Been deprived in their president a leader. Is he routinely -- when he's confronted with the Paramount challenges of our generation. President Obama is guarded and guided by is -- ideology. And he's held. Withheld any prospect for economic recovery. Is he routinely places his own political fortunes and his own reelection plans above the interests of the American people. Look no further than his denial -- building the keystone to pipeline. That was all about he has several reelection. Nothing to do with energy independence for the American people. His liberal -- -- -- and -- the American people and our economy will finally be free. Because you see what we need is a candidate in the likeness and image of -- Ronald Reagan. Who as the -- differences necessary to take on a Barack Obama. What we need is a fearless conservative one with no compromises on their record on spending on health care on crony capitalism. I'm defending America and standing with our ally Israel. On securing our borders from illegal immigrants are on defending innocent unborn life are protecting marriage between one man and one woman. If anyone confuse so we can defeat Barack Obama and his failed socialist policies. I believe that I am that that true conservative who can't and who will defeat Barack Obama. 2012. In over the next few days just be prepared the -- -- the press -- against Ryan pick the nominee. Based on tonight's results but there are many more chapters to be written. On the path to our party's nomination. And I preferred -- let the people of the country decide who will represented.

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{"id":15285038,"title":"Michele Bachmann: 'We Will Go On'","duration":"5:07","description":"GOP candidate looks forward to continuing her campaign.","url":"/Politics/video/michele-bachmann-gop-candidate-politics-us-15285038","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}