This Week in Politics

Strange videos from Herman Cain top a busy political week.
4:09 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for This Week in Politics
Turning -- to the Republican primary and Herman Cain the pizza impresario muscles his way to number one in the new Des Moines Register poll. -- -- -- out Mitt Romney for the top spot by just ahead 23% to 22%. And Ron Paul is next with 12%. Michelle Bachmann who tied Romney for first place just two months ago is now number fool with 8%. Rick Perry in Newt Gingrich a tie for fifth place with 7%. And Rick Santorum brings up the -- with just 5%. The poll caps off a busy week of campaign punch and counterpunch with a full dose of -- thrown in for good measure. He is on manage on call with a very special Halloween episode. Of this week in politics. This week in politics was the smoke. He's -- starting with that smoke in -- -- video. Slow motion smile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- always got to be about color. According liberal. Smoking video spawned parodies -- just about every comedian with a TV show. Even more bizarre than -- -- videos though is his schedule. This week's -- who were taking him through Alabama. Not to pull copyrighted. Not supposed to we will not the movies that -- -- -- but I do it. Alabama what is their primary not in January not in February. They don't vote until after 22. Other states and the US Virgin Islands. Should -- Perry got spooked by debates suggesting he may start skipping them why wouldn't do that. It was before he was the floor what do you think Governor Perry more debates I don't know whether or forgo any debates -- you know. There's there's there's going to be a lot of bags and you make it be good debater -- -- -- came out with a flat tax this week but caused more of a -- with what he said about the president's birth certificate it's -- To poke adding a little bit and say -- how about. Let's see your grades and you Mercer -- Michelle Bachmann said no to a flat tax this week saying Reagan did have wants. Romney wants to fight with ghosts of pop's past and present. In Ohio on Tuesday afternoon he had this to say about ballot initiative favored. Like governor Jon Casey to limit union power speaking about the the particular ballot issues. Those are the people of Ohio I Wednesday mr. no apology -- This success and so I think creating confusion in that regard I am -- 110%. Behind the other cases. And supported that that it. From no position to 100 in 10% in favor in less than 24 hours. President -- go out west handing out lots of treats -- student loans and reduced mortgage payments also stopped by to see Jay Leno and you're watching the GOP debates. I'm gonna wait until -- has ordered -- the Iowa. Number one or two old serpent. Finally ending this Halloween. Hillary Clinton -- Looking presidential on the cover of time magazine. And check out times poll she beat Romney by seventeen points Romney -- New polls show him strong and all the early primary states but down to. Another flip flop in Ohio. Perry down steps on his economic plan with -- talk -- up again in a slew of new national polls he's in third. Way ahead of Perry. -- Iowa it's a race around New Hampshire Romney sold for -- -- is over. And now Huntsman daughters up without -- -- Twitter handle and their own -- parody video. They seem to be having -- on the desks. This week in politics and Jon Karl error.

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{"id":14844652,"title":"This Week in Politics ","duration":"4:09","description":"Strange videos from Herman Cain top a busy political week.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-politics-14844652","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}