Jul 30, 2014 6:53pm

U.S. Has Sold Ammunition to Israel Since Start of Gaza Conflict

In the last week the U.S. has provided Israel with mortars and ammunition for grenade launchers requested as part of a foreign military arms sale.   The weapons came from a $1 billion stockpile of ammunition stored by the U.S. military in Israel for that country’s… Read More »

Jul 30, 2014 1:19pm

Bergdahl to Meet Investigators on Why He Left Afghan Base

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be interviewed next week by military investigators about his 2009 disappearance from an Afghan army post that resulted in Bergdahl being captured by the Taliban. Bergdahl’s attorney tells ABC News that he expects his client to be interviewed by Maj. General… Read More »

Jul 24, 2014 6:23pm

US Says Russian Military Has Fired Artillery Into Ukraine

Russian military forces have fired artillery rounds into eastern Ukraine targeting Ukrainian military positions and plans to send even more heavy multiple rocket launchers to Russian separatists, U.S. officials said for the first time today. A Pentagon official labeled the Russian activity as “a clear escalation”… Read More »

Jul 22, 2014 7:34pm

Intelligence Officials Present Evidence for How Malaysian Plane Was Shot Down

Senior U.S. intelligence officials presented evidence today that they say makes a “solid case” as to why the U.S. believes a Russian made SA-11 missile fired from separatist-held eastern Ukraine shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last week. While the leading theory is that Russian… Read More »

Jul 18, 2014 6:40pm

Separatists Not Getting Russian Help With Missile ‘Strains Credulity,’ Pentagon Says

It “strains credulity” that Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine did not get some Russian help in operating the sophisticated air defense missile system that brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, the Pentagon said today. But with or without assistance, a Pentagon spokesman cautioned that the… Read More »

Jul 15, 2014 11:53am

Israel Hasn’t Asked For Access to US Arsenal Stored in Israel

Should Israel find itself low on ammunition, it can tap into a stockpile of a billion dollars worth of American weapons stored in Israel by the United States for emergencies.  So far, Israel has not requested access to the stockpile during the current hostilities with… Read More »

Jul 14, 2014 5:13pm

Meet the First Somali Ambassador to the US in 20 Years

Somalia has appointed the country’s first ambassador to the United States in more than two decades. Omar Abdirashid Ali Shamarke had his diplomatic credentials accepted today at the White House, where he is expected to attend President Obama’s Iftar celebration this evening, a dinner marking… Read More »

Jul 14, 2014 11:10am

This Is What Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Life Will Be Like Now

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will work a “desk job” now that he has completed his reintegration process and returned to regular duties as an Army soldier, the Army said today. The former Taliban prisoner will be assigned to the headquarters of U.S. Army North at Fort… Read More »

Jul 8, 2014 7:02pm

HHS Seeks More Military Bases to House Unaccompanied Border Minors

The Department of Health and Human Services is in talks with the Pentagon to use additional bases to house thousands more unaccompanied minors from Central America that are swamping its facilities. The Pentagon is housing 2,700 minors at unused housing facilities at three military bases;… Read More »

Jul 3, 2014 6:05pm

US Military Role in Iraq Will Be Different This Time, Top Brass Says

When it comes to U.S. military involvement in Iraq, ”mission creep” is the wrong phrase to use, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey said today, noting it should instead be “mission match.” That’s because the U.S. military assessment teams currently working in… Read More »