Aug 22, 2014 6:08pm

Rick Perry Selling Double-Mugshot T-Shirts

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s smiling mugshot now has its own t-shirt. RickPAC is selling t-shirts bearing the mugshots of Perry and Rosemary Lehmberg, the Travis County District Attorney at the center of the governor’s indictment. The front of the t-shirt features Perry’s mugshot with a… Read More »

Aug 22, 2014 3:48pm

John Kerry Spotted in Nantucket

While the State Department hasn’t said where John Kerry is this week–he’s out of the office the department has told media, without confirming his location on the record–it appears the secretary has been spotted by a handful of Twitter users and one Instagrammer vacationing in… Read More »

Aug 22, 2014 3:33pm

Rick Perry Doesn’t ‘Really Understand the Details’ of Indictment

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – Texas Gov. Rick Perry returned to New Hampshire Friday for the first time since 2012, as he tries to rehab his political image after a failed presidential bid. Speaking to a group of business leaders here, Perry tried to focus on substance,… Read More »

Aug 22, 2014 2:28pm

ISIS Threat Focus on Syria, But US In No Hurry to Act

America’s top military officials have acknowledged that ISIS will not be defeated without taking the fight to Syria, but the Pentagon on Friday tamped down any expectation that the U.S. could soon ramp up its help for moderate forces opposing Bashar al-Assad and fighting with ISIS… Read More »

By Scott Wilson

Aug 22, 2014 2:05pm

Harry Reid Makes Asian Jokes, Apologizes for Saying ‘the Wrong Thing’

  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, apologized today for Asian-themed jokes he made while speaking to the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas on Thursday night. “My comments were in extremely poor taste and I apologize. Sometimes I say the wrong thing,” Reid… Read More »

By Benjamin Siegel

Aug 22, 2014 1:33pm

Amanda Curtis Is a Rare Breed of Montana Democrat

Montana has never seen a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate like state Rep. Amanda Curtis. Selected by state Democrats last week to replace Democratic Sen. John Walsh on their November ticket after a plagiarism scandal derailed his re-election bid, Curtis is a far cry from  the… Read More »

Aug 22, 2014 9:18am

The Note: Rick Perry on the Road Again

By CHRIS GOOD (@c_good) NOTABLES RICK PERRY IS ON TO NEW HAMPSHIRE: Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been defiant in the face of his recent indictment, and he’s taking laps around the nation’s major political destinations. Having visited D.C. for a speech at Heritage yesterday,… Read More »

By Scott Wilson

Aug 21, 2014 7:20pm

Ice-Bucket Buzzkill: Lawmakers, Government Officials Can’t Participate

Government officials may soon find themselves in hot water if they continue to insist on dumping buckets of ice on their heads. Participation in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept the country in recent weeks–and has even reached the halls of Congress. WATCH: ’Ice Bucket… Read More »

Aug 21, 2014 2:58pm

Perry Warns Terrorists Could Infiltrate US Through Border

Just two days after smiling for a mugshot, Texas Gov. Rick Perry took his message to conservatives in Washington, D.C., quickly turning from talk of his indictment to weighing in on the threat ISIS poses to the United States. In a speech at the Heritage… Read More »

Aug 21, 2014 9:25am

The Note: Two Governors Fight to Stay Afloat

By CHRIS GOOD (@c_good)   NOTABLES EXCLUSIVE: EMILY’S LIST SPENDS BIG IN GA: Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn finally has some big-spending outside help in her race against former Dollar General CEO and Republican nominee David Perdue. EMILY’s List tells ABC it has bought $1 million… Read More »