Apr 16, 2014 9:13am

Obama, Biden Go To College

By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES OBAMA ON THE ROAD: This afternoon President Obama departs for Pittsburgh, Pa. where he will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden and spend the day highlighting two job skills training initiatives: A grant competition to encourage courses developed by industry… Read More »

Apr 16, 2014 7:00am

Reps. Sinema and Kennedy Running Boston Marathon to Honor Bombing Victims

“A marathon is a celebration of life and endurance and the human spirit,” Rep. Kyrsten Sinema says. “Runners are such a tight-knit community. Even if we don’t know each other, we treat each other like friends.” Next week, Sinema, a freshman Democrat from Arizona, will… Read More »

Apr 15, 2014 7:20pm

Romney Son Takes a Swipe at Harry Reid on Tax Day

Almost two years after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeated an unsubstantiated report that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes, one of the Romney sons fired back. Josh Romney tweeted a photo of his father standing in line at the post office to mail his… Read More »

By Alina Kleineidam

Apr 15, 2014 4:10pm

9 Candidates Get Sarah Palin’s Seal of Approval

The 2014 midterm elections are right around the corner, and after endorsing 64 candidates in 2010, and contributing about $300,000 to candidates in 2012, Sarah Palin is once again trying to wield influence over another election cycle. Just like in previous years, Palin’s picks get… Read More »

Apr 15, 2014 4:02pm

No Executive Action on Immigration Overhaul for Now

President Obama has no plans to enact unilateral immigration overhaul by executive action, faith leaders from across the country said Obama told them today. “We did not discuss the need; we did not bring up the issue of the president doing unilateral action,” Luis Cortes,… Read More »

Apr 15, 2014 3:41pm

Mary Landrieu Criticized for Re-Enacting Congressional Hearing in New Ad

A new campaign ad from Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu is drawing criticism from some conservative groups for using re-enactments of statements that the senator made in an Energy Committee hearing last year. But Landrieu’s campaign is defending the re-enactments as necessary to avoid breaking rules… Read More »

By Ryan Struyk

Apr 15, 2014 3:24pm

Vice President Biden Applauds Boston’s Courage

On the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three people and injured more than 200 others, Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute today to the bravery and courage of survivors and first responders. “In my career I’ve been part of or witnessed… Read More »

By Alexander Mallin

Apr 15, 2014 1:29pm

New App Finds ‘Virtual’ Way to Fix Congress

Every day it seems a new app hits the market seeking to solve the most benign problems facing the smartphone-wielding masses. But how about a much bigger problem — like fixing Congress, an institution with an approval rating hovering around 13 percent? “If you want… Read More »

By ABC News

Apr 15, 2014 8:37am

Remembering Boston, One Year Later

NOTABLES DEVAL PATRICK: BOSTON ‘VERY PREPARED’ FOR MARATHON: As Boston prepares to hold its 2014 marathon a year after the attacks, security planning has been “on steroids,” with new preparations — both visible and less apparent — that draw on lessons learned last year, Gov…. Read More »

Apr 15, 2014 8:25am

After Ft. Hood, Rep. Ron Barber Opens Up About Tucson Shooting

When shots rang out on April 2 at the Fort Hood military post in Texas, Rep. Ron Barber, D-Ariz., couldn’t help but remember his own experience with gun violence. “That takes me back to the day that the shooting occurred in Tucson back in January… Read More »