Dec 4, 2014 6:28pm

John Thune: ‘Insular’ Pro Sports Leagues Due for ‘Wakeup Call’ From Congress

The Republican takeover of the Senate will bring no respite in the scrutiny professional sports leagues will receive on Capitol Hill, according to the incoming chairman of a key committee. Sen. John Thune, who is in line to take over the chairmanship of the Senate… Read More »

Dec 4, 2014 9:01am

What Washington Is Saying About Eric Garner

By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATING ERIC GARNER DEATH: Attorney General Eric Holder announced last night that the Justice Department will launch a civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner, the unarmed black man who died after being placed in a… Read More »

Dec 3, 2014 8:59am

Obama, McConnell Hold Bourbon-Less Summit (The Note)

By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES OBAMA PLANS TO NOMINATE ASHTON CARTER AS NEXT DEFENSE SECRETARY: President Obama intends to nominate Ashton Carter to replace Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary, according to a source familiar with the decision. ABC’s JONATHAN KARL and JEFF ZELENY report that an announcement is likely by… Read More »

Dec 2, 2014 8:41am

Staying Out Of It

By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES JEH JOHNSON OUT OF THE RUNNING FOR TOP PENTAGON JOB: Another one down. Just last week, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was a top contender to be nominated as the next Defense Secretary. But senior officials tell ABC’s JONATHAN KARL… Read More »

Dec 1, 2014 10:56pm

Hillary Clinton Sidesteps Keystone Pipeline in Speech to Environmental Group

NEW YORK–In an address to an environmental group that fiercely opposes the Keystone XL pipeline Monday evening, Hillary Clinton made no mention of the project. At a fundraising dinner for the League of Conservation Voters, Clinton spent most of her speech expressing support for the… Read More »

Dec 1, 2014 8:59am

The Lame Duck Countdown

By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES TODAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE: President Obama is putting the Ferguson fallout front and center today, using his oft-mentioned “convening power” to jump start national dialogue on policing in minority communities. There will be three separate meetings today, according to… Read More »

Nov 25, 2014 8:53am

The Note: Ferguson Under Fire

The Note 11/25/2014 The Note: Ferguson Under Fire By SHUSHANNAH WALSHE (@shushwalshe)   NOTABLES FERGUSON LATEST:  Live Updates as Ferguson reacts to grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson: And more from the unrest overnight, which St. Louis County Police Chief Jon… Read More »

Nov 24, 2014 9:00am

Deadline Day, What’s Going On in Vienna?

The Note 11/24/2014 The Note: Deadline Day, What’s Going On in Vienna? By SHUSHANNAH WALSHE (@shushwalshe)   NOTABLES VIENNA UPDATE: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani sent a subtle message on the eve of Monday’s deadline to strike a nuclear deal with world powers. He posted a… Read More »

Nov 21, 2014 8:01pm

Top Hillary Clinton Supporters Gather to Plot, Strategize

NEW YORK – Two-hundred prominent Democratic strategists, former Clinton aides and donors, joined forces today for a day-long strategy meeting hosted by the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Ready for Hillary to coalesce their efforts, plot and plan for when and if Hillary Clinton runs for president…. Read More »

Nov 21, 2014 6:38pm

President Obama: Don’t Use Ferguson as ‘An Excuse for Violence’

As a grand jury debates whether to indict Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, President Obama – in an exclusive interview with ABC News – urged residents of the city and all others to “keep protests peaceful.” “This… Read More »