Stem Cell Update

By ABCTechProd

Oct 17, 2005 6:00am

Monday morning.

Gary Langer, who runs our polling unit, is one of those able people who has data on everything. Turns out we asked some questions of our own on stem cells in June, and the numbers are not far different from what the Johns Hopkins poll found:

Question: Do you support or oppose embryonic stem cell research?

    Support Oppose No Opinion
All 59 % 33 8
Evangelical Protestant 43 49 9
Non-evangelical Protestant 69 18 13
Catholic 58 36 11

Question: The Bush administration allows federal funding only for research on embryonic stem cell lines that existed in laboratories before August 2001. A proposed law would allow federal funding for research on stem cells from additional donated embryos that are left over from fertility clinics and would otherwise be discarded. Which do you prefer — (limited federal funding only for research on stem-cell lines that existed before August 2001), OR (broader federal funding for research on new stem cell lines)?

    Limited Funding Broader Funding Neither/No Funding (vol.) No Opinion
6/05/2005 42 % 53 2 4


– Ned

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