Media Revolution–Not

Aug 17, 2006 2:28pm

Forgive my asking, but how old are you?  Under 24?  If so, where do you get most of your news? Jon Stewart? MTV? Blogs?  Off-the-wall web sites?  I ask because there was a survey, done by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg, which seems to suggest that the media revolution is somewhat less advanced, perhaps, than we’d been led to think.  For those surveyed between the ages of 15 and 24, the first source of current-events information was…local television.    Here are their numbers for young adults 21-24, though you may be interested in more detail.  Media Life Magazine posted a short summary HERE. LEADING SOURCE FOR CURRENT EVENTS: Local TV news: 42% Talking with family/friends: 20% School/classroom: 2% Network TV news: 18% MTV: 2% Unconventional news: 5% Blogs/Internet: 11% The younger the survey group, the more receptive they were to news on iPod or cellphone screens, but even among tweens, local TV was a close second–behind second-hand information from family or friends.  Why?  Is it that local TV provides weather and sports?  Where, beyond our website, do you get your news?

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