What Haven’t We Thought Of?

Aug 10, 2006 8:41am

Amid what we’ve been told so far about the terror plot–liquid explosives in the false bottom of a sports-drink container–the question that goes through my head must be one being asked at Scotland Yard and DHS: what might there be that hasn’t occurred to us?

Solid explosives?  (Pan Am 103 in 1988 was brought down by a bomb hidden in a radio in checked luggage.)  Something that has nothing to do with airlines?  Shopping malls?  Ballparks?  Hotels?  Skyscrapers?  Biological attacks?

How long do we have to be on guard?  Was this really one organized plot in Britain, or, now that it’s public, is it drawing fans elsewhere among would-be attackers? 

Too many question marks.  A rotten way to live.  What thoughts do you have?

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