North Korean Fizzle? An Update

Oct 9, 2006 7:28pm

6:40pm The Washington Times will report in the morning that it, like us, has U.S. sources who believe the North Korean test did not create a nuclear explosion.  This from the Times’ advance e-mail:"U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said seismic readings show that the conventional high explosives used to create a chain reaction in a plutonium-based device went off, but that the test fell short of producing a nuclear blast. “‘We’re still evaluating the data and as more data comes in we hope to develop a clearer picture,’ said one official familiar with intelligence report. “‘There was a seismic event that registered about 4 on the Richter scale, but it still isn’t clear if it was a nuclear test. You can get that kind of seismic reading from high explosives.’” More evidence must still come in–and North Korea may make followup tests very shortly, if it hasn’t already.  But, according to one of the sources quoted by the Times, so far, “it appears there was more fizz than pop.”

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