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By Scribe8372

Nov 3, 2006 12:42pm

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sent eight pieces of spam this morning (and for all I know, there may have been others that never got past ABC’s multiple filters).  I’ve been told I’d better update my eBay profile (I don’t have an eBay account), and warned that the credit union (I don’t belong to a credit union) will close my account if I don’t click the link provided.

You’ve seen, I hope, the study we posted this morning.  If not, read more HERE. The full text of the paper, by Mariko Morimoto and Susan Chang, is HERE.

Various people have argued that since the early years of email, spam has actually gotten more benign–instead of being mostly the work of troublemakers with a bit too much time on their hands, it’s become a tool for marketers out to sell you stuff.  If that’s true, your chances of downloading a piece of malware by opening an email are slightly lower.

Still, we’re all stuck having to run antivirus programs–in effect, paying for others’ dishonesty.

If you have any good ideas to share–or any horror stories to vent–please feel free to click below. 

And on that sour note, have a good weekend.

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