PlayStation 3 Madness

Nov 17, 2006 5:10pm

Lovers of video games are often thought of–unfairly, most of them will protest–as out of the mainstream, addicted to their gaming consoles, just a little crazy. Are they?  Their reputation didn’t get a boost from the rollout of the PlayStation 3.  You’ve seen the stories about people camped out all night, jostling for a place on line outside the mall, some of them willing to pay outlandish prices, some of them buying consoles so they can resell them at outlandish prices.  We have a story posted HERE.  There have even been some reports of crime.  My colleague Jonathan Silverstein ran across THIS ONE on, a popular site for gamers.  It purportedly comes from from Manchester, Conn., and matches local police reports.  It’s by a young man who says he was mugged as he left a mall with his new prize.  (A caution: there are a few expletives in people’s responses to him.) His post is heart-rending, especially after he finishes describing the robbery: "If they had a gun I would have prob died, after this I dont know i am extremely depressed. If anyone has extra systems could i please by one off of you at a reasonable price ? I am not sure what kind of money I can scrape up but i can sell one of my comps and 1 of my tvs and see what i will have then."After something like that, it’s hard to remind people it’s only supposed to be a game.

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