Welcome Back

Apr 28, 2007 2:49pm

We’re giving our web site a makeover, and we hope you like it.  Aside from the new look, you’ll find more video, more pictures, and–this is key–more ways for you to take part. Click around.  You’ll see that a lot of things are layered.  The top stories rotate on their own, or you can speed through them.  Below that, on the Technology & Science page, are some categories we’ve set up for now (global warming, space, reviews and buying guides, Amanda Congdon’s videoblog); click on the tabs.  We’re figuring this out as we go.  If you tell us what interests you, we’ll change things. Look on the right side of any news story you open and you’ll see a place for comments.  We hope you’ll weigh in, especially if a story launches new thoughts in your mind, or you have information you can add.  This is not a gimmick.  We’ll read what you write, just as I read everything you post on this blog.  Which gives me a chance for a quick reminder of what I hope this particular page does.  I do not intend this as an opinion blog–there are plenty of other places on the web for that–and I don’t think of myself as some master of information, hurling thunderbolts of news from on high.  Instead, I hope this will be a quick, informal way to pass on stories, and start a conversation on them.  I’m glad to say the level of our conversation has been pretty high–people are not throwing insults at each other–and I’ve learned a great deal from the things many of you have posted.  Today, my main question is simply…what you think of our new page.  Please, please, let us know. 

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