The Heavens, In All Their Glory

May 2, 2007 11:09am, the web site that carries images from the Hubble telescope, passes on word that it’s won a Webby Award, which is a sort of Emmy for the Internet.  The site is run by the Space Telescope Science Institute in Maryland, which operates the Hubble.  Congratulations to them.    Of course, with the entire universe as subject matter, it would be a shame if they didn’t have a good web site.  Stop people on the street and ask them to name a famous telescope, and they’re unlikely to name Mt. Palomar or Keck or the Hooker Telescope (the one Edwin Hubble used to demonstrate that the universe was expanding).  They’ll probably name the Hubble.  We have a sampling of some of the Hubble’s greatest images HERE. The Hubble has been orbiting for 17 years now, and is showing its age, but as you’ll recall, public sentiment (and a few politicians) have come to its rescue.  After the Columbia accident, NASA canceled any remaining Hubble servicing missions.  But last year they gave it a second look–and would have been pilloried if they hadn’t.  STS-125, to be flown by the shuttle Atlantis with Cdr. Scott Altman and six crewmates, is now on the manifest for September 2008.

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