‘Cold War Thinking’? Or a Threat from China?

Mar 4, 2008 4:25pm

The Defense Department has put out a report worrying about China and its growing military abilities.  The report — something it’s been mandated to do annually since 2000 — says that the Chinese are developing new ICBMs, cruise and ballistic missiles that could hit enemy ships in wartime, and that, as you may recall, they tested their ability last year to destroy a satellite in orbit. David Sedney, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia: "In the counter-space area, the Chinese test of an anti-satellite system, a little over a year ago, was something that really brought home, in a very dramatic way, the capabilities that China has been developing, not that we weren’t aware of those developments beforehand. But when you see something actually used, then it certainly attracts your attention. Because you’ve seen that not only are they working on it but they’ve done it; they’ve acquired that capability. "We continue to ask the Chinese to sit down and talk to us about that test, and they haven’t." Sedney also says there have been computer intrusions traced back to China — not necessarily the work of the Chinese government, but "certainly very consistent with what you would need if you were going to actually carry out cyberwarfare, and the kinds of activities that are carried out are consistent with a lot of writings we see from Chinese military and Chinese military theorists." The full transcript of Sedney’s briefing, as posted by GlobalSecurity.org, is HERE. The Chinese Foreign Ministry replied this morning that the Pentagon is displaying "Cold War thinking."  Spokesman Qin Gang: "This U.S. report advocates the China threat theory and is seriously not in accordance with the facts and interferes in China’s internal affairs."  More HERE.

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