God vs. Godless: ‘Expelled,’ the Anti-Darwinism Film, Expells a Critic

Mar 26, 2008 4:59pm

"Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal." That’s what PZ Myers, a biologist at the University of Minnesota in Morris, Minn., says he covers on his widely-read blog, Pharyngula. You could have guessed he’d get into a pitched battle with the promoters of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," the anti-Darwinist film featuring the actor/writer/humorist Ben Stein. Myers, along with Richard Dawkins, author of "The God Delusion," tried to go to a screening of the film late last week, and was, er, expelled.  The film’s producers have been sending around a press release with their version of what happened: "Recognizing the opportunity to make a point of the inconvenience and pain that they, and others like them, have caused to numerous scientists and educators, the decision was made beforehand to deny Myers access to the film if he actually showed up. PZ is one of the foremost proponents of expelling those who hold to any form of Intelligent Design," it says. Myers has his own version, to be found HERE. "The producers of Expelled have spent a couple of days sweating over damage control, I guess. They’ve shut down or delayed all the pending screenings of their movie, and now they’ve issued a remarkably dishonest press release. The mendacity is astonishing in its scope," says Myers. He concludes, "The only other thing remarkable about their collection of lies is how desperate they sound — you can practically smell the flop sweat." There’s obviously been a bit of orchestrating by both sides, so they can laugh, or be outraged, at each other.  In the meantime, the film gets press…and Pharyngula has been getting a ton of hits.

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