Busy Signal

May 4, 2009 2:45pm

While Apple, with its iPhone, was generating a lot of buzz (and selling its billionth app), Ross Rubin of the market research firm NPD Group reports that the BlackBerry Curve actually outsold it in the first quarter of the year.  Ross, in a statement on the NPD website: “Verizon Wireless’s aggressive marketing of the BlackBerry Storm and its buy-one-get-one BlackBerry promotion to its large customer base contributed to RIM capturing three of the top five positions.”  (Reminder: Ross writes the "Tech on Deck" column for ABCNews.com.) NPD’s five best-selling smartphones for the first three months of 2009:1. RIM BlackBerry Curve (all 83XX models)
2. Apple iPhone 3G (all models)
3. RIM BlackBerry Storm
4. RIM BlackBerry Pearl (all models, except flip)
5. T-Mobile G1Apple may privately not mind; it’s been masterful at making money with niche products.  As John Paczkowski at All Things D writes, "It’s not likely we’ll ever see a similar buy one, get one free deal for the iPhone from Apple, although if we did one wonders how long the BlackBerry would be able to hold on to that top spot."

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