iPad and iPhone Accessories for Your Kids

By ABC News

Sep 27, 2011 11:38pm

ABC News Tech Contributor Andrea Smith reports:

Apple’s iPads and iPods are great for looking up recipes in the kitchen, getting directions to steer around a traffic jam, or just watching a movie on Netflix. But many parents have found they also do a great job entertaining the little ones, and that means sticky fingers on your touchscreen and accidental drops.

Here are some accessories to help keep your expensive gadgets safe.


iguy for ipad iPad and iPhone Accessories for Your Kids

iGuy for iPad 2,  Speck

  •  If your little one loves to watch videos on your iPad or play with the latest apps and you worry about handing off your $500 and up iPad to a toddler, Speck feels your pain. Electronics may not be as rough and tough as your 2-year-old, but the iGuy can help. Slip your tablet into the iGuy and the foam will play bouncer. The handles on the side make it easy for kids to grip without dropping it, and the feet assist in watching videos. The foam is durable, and washes easily. iGuy comes in fun kid-friendly colors.

More info: http://www.speckproducts.com/iguy-for-ipad-2.html


Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case
for iPhone/iPod Touch $14.99

  •  Your little one will drool over the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case….literally! If your baby is clamoring for your iPhone to keep busy, you’re going to want to protect it from accidental drops, strained peas and sticky drool. You insert your precious device into the case, twist the lock, and it becomes part of a baby rattle/toy for the 21st century. Your 6-36-month old can play games, watch videos, even FaceTime with grandma.
  • For little ones just starting out on their electronic entertainment, you can download free age-appropriate Fisher-Price apps from the App Store that teach numbers, sing songs and more. Yes, there’s a volume control.
  •  The case has easy-to-grip handles (complete with rattles) for little fingers and there’s a clear film over the touchscreen to protect it, along with a home button lockout feature to keep baby from racking up a huge phone bill.

MORE INFO: http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=2341&e=detail&pid=64176&pcat=bulnl


Woogie: The Huggable Case and Media Player
for iPod Touch and iPhone $18

  •  The Woogie is part stuffed animal and part protective iPhone/iPod holder meaning it can turn your device into a cuddly stuffed toy for your toddler. It’s a green flowery-looking thing with squishy arms that you can use to prop it up, or kids can hold it, swing it (yikes!) or just play with it. The centerpiece is a protective pocket that holds your device safe behind a plastic shield. The screen allows for use of the capacitive touchscreen so kids can watch movies, play with apps or games, or listen to music. There’s a built-in speaker that runs off 2 AAA batteries or you can use your own headphones. The jack is safely tucked away when not in use, using Velcro.
  • Not that kids lack for things to do, but the Woogie comes with its own free app previewing
  • Sesame Street digital books. The app reads the stories out loud and lets you and your kids record your own voices.

MORE INFO: http://store.griffintechnology.com/woogie


Vogel’s RingO All-in-One Pack
for iPad 2 $119

  •  If you like to move your iPad from one location to the next, like maybe the kitchen counter to the car, try the RingO mounting system. It’s a protective iPad holder that works with the smart cover, in case you have that, with a ring shaped aluminum connector located in the middle of its back. This connector clips into a variety of different mounts Vogel has developed. There’s one for the table stand, one for the car, and one to mount on a wall. That way, all you have to do is release the mount, and move the iPad to the next location, making it easy to take on the road with you when there might be a need for a backseat video. The tablet can be turned to play in landscape or portrait mode, or adjusted for glare when in the car. Starter pock comes with one holder, a wall mount, tablet stand and car mount.

MORE INFO: http://www.ipadonthewall.com/ringo/


Loksak: waterproof sacks to hold all electronics

  • Sand, water, dust, all enemies or your electronics. Take your phone to the beach? Cringe! But put it in an aLoksak, seal it, and your iPhone is safe and sound, even if your little one decides to drop it in the pool. That’s because the woman who designed them is an avid scuba diver and wanted to build something that would protect her devices from the elements. The bags prevent air, water, dust and sand from getting inside and can be re-used over and over. Even better, your capacitive touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet can still be used, right through the plastic shield. Sync a Bluetooth headset and you can make and take calls without ever opening the bag and exposing your device to water. And they’re recyclable.
  • Smartphone: 3 for $6.49
  • Tablet: 3 for $8.99

MORE INFO: http://www.loksak.com/products/aloksak


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