Facebook App for iPad

Facebook App for iPad. Screen shot courtesy Facebook.

Facebook has just sent out a note announcing its app for the iPad is now ready for download. If you want it, they say, go to Facebook or the Apple App Store and get it. “It’s an [sic] fun, colorful way to keep up with friends, share photos, chat and more.”

The Facebook app was one of several items not announced at last week’s Apple event rolling out the iPhone 4S. Dozens of technology websites, in the feverish buildup to Apple’s announcement, had reported the Facebook app might be included. When it wasn’t — and later, after word of Steve Jobs’ death — there was another flood of stories, suggesting there had either been a last-minute legal delay, or that Facebook had decided to hold off in deference to Mr. Jobs.

No matter. Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch (they reported the last-minute-legal-delay angle) writes, “It looks good. It looks like Facebook. And it’s going to be the iPad’s most downloaded app of all time in, oh, about two days.”

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