Google Bags the Turkey for European Doodle

VIDEO: Animated doodle, on Googles European sites, celebrates writer and satirist.

Google Doodle for Thanksgiving in the United States. (

Google’s popular doodle for Thanksgiving is a lovely thing. As Willie Real of Google’s staff writes on the Official Google Blog, it’s inspired by those hand turkeys we all made in elementary school: “glue on the table, colorful feathers stuck to your sleeve and glitter everywhere.”

If you haven’t tried it yet, go to the Google homepage, where you’ll see what looks like a kid’s handmade turkey. Click on the head, feathers, feet and wing, and enjoy it.

But now take a look at what they’re seeing in Europe, on and its sister sites:


We’ll happily concede that our video of their animation cannot do it justice. It’s a celebration of the science-fiction writer and philosopher Stanislaw Lem, who published his first book 60 years ago. Lem, a native of Poland who died in 2006, is perhaps best known in the United States for his 1961 novel “Solaris,” which was made into a film in the United States in 2002. There’s more about him at “ Stanislaw Lem – The Official Site.”

In the meantime, enjoy Google’s animation in his honor, and if you want to dig deeper, well — Google him.

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