After Zappos Hack, Some Online Security Tips

Jan 17, 2012 6:59am
gty zappos hacked nt 120116 wblog After Zappos Hack, Some Online Security Tips

(Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

Zappos, the wildly popular online shoe retailer, is famous for its outstanding service, free shipping and unconventional business model.

But the shoe superstore may have just found its Achilles’ heel.

More than 24 million accounts were hacked, the company announced Sunday, and customers’ personal information such as user names, passwords, email addresses and partial credit card numbers may have been accessed in the attack.

Here are some tips to optimize your online security:

  • Never use the same password for different sites. “Typically people use one password to get into a number of systems,” said Brad Garrett, ABC News consultant and former FBI special agent. “And so as a result if you have someone’s password, you could easily compromise other accounts they have at other locations.”
  • Never use your name or even part of your name in a password.
  • Change all your passwords often. “Cyber shopping is cyber warfare,” said Garrett. “You have to create and maintain defenses against the bad guys. You can’t set [passwords] up once and forget them.”
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