CES in 60: 3-D Glasses in Designer Frames

VIDEO: Designer frames for watching 3-D TV.

Marchon3D 3-D glasses, made in partnership with Calvin Klein Eyewear. Marchon3D/PRNewsFoto

ABC News' C. Michael Kim and David Miller Report:

Thanks to its new line of EX3D glasses, Marchon3D's booth at CES looks more like a sunglasses display than the newest line of 3-D glasses, good for watching 3-D television or movies. Already an established name in 3-D glass technology, Marchon3D is in Las Vegas this week to unveil a new line of stylish glasses, many of which you could wear on the street without anyone knowing they're 3-D.

Behind the stylish frames, they feature Marchon3D's premier M3D patented circular-polarized curved lens technology that contours to your face for a particularly clear viewing experience. They come in a variety of styles and range in price from $20 to $80. The company says they will be available at retailers nationwide this year.

(Video production: C. Michael Kim and Justin Bare)

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