Indestructible iPad Case? Not to Bill Weir

CES in 60 Seconds: M-Edge Super Shell

An iPad 2 with an M-Edge Super Shell (green), after its encounter with Bill Weir. ABC News/C. Michael Kim

ABC News' C. Michael Kim & David Miller Report:

We were walking down a hallway at CES, in search of the next big thing, when we were practically assaulted by one of the most persuasive sales people we've ever encountered, Victoria from M-Edge. She boasted of an indestructible iPad case, the Super Shell, but when she saw our hesitation at examining such a mundane item, she taunted us with stories of NBC reporters "test throwing" an iPad to their heart's content. What's a reporter to do?

We really wanted to throw it against a pillar in the convention center but we settled on slamming it to the show floor, with the M-Edge staff's full permission. Not to be outdone by NBC, and to really test the durability, Bill Weir gave it his best shot with a wind-up that would make Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum proud.

And the result? We bent it and shattered the screen. Whoops!

To be fair, the case is designed for children, and appears to be safe to drop just about anywhere. Key word being "drop." But let this be a warning to any iPad case manufacturers that may see us at CES - no taunting, please.

Take a look for yourself and click on the video:

(Video produced by C. Michael Kim and Justin Bare.)

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