Sh*t My Pets Ruined Blog Attracts Laughs

Oodie the Alexandrine Parakeet dubbed the "Hardware Engineer with Wings" Image credit:*

Every pet owner is familiar with the roller coaster of emotions that follows every time you find your pet has ruined something you love.

Similar to the five stages of grief, first comes denial. Then the anger.  Disbelief. Maybe followed by a chuckle, but almost also ending in guilt. Guilt after you look into those big eyes and remember how much you love your adorable, sometimes crazy pet.

Siblings Brian Haas and Julie Brophy decided to capture these frustrating and often hilarious incidents in their blog, Sh*t My Pets Ruined.

Users send in photos and stories of things around the house their pets have destroyed. The pictures are given funny captions, usually from the perspective of the mischievous pet, and posted on the blog.

"Last summer, UPS delivered a book to me via Amazon while I was grocery shopping. My siberian husky was outside and had a bit of fun! sigh. Thankfully I read e-books these days." Image credit:*

The site encompasses everything from dogs to parakeets, ruined laptops to trampled Christmas trees.

There is even an X-ray, captioned, "7 lug nuts, a sharp rock, and $5000 later, our puppy is as good (and mischievous) as new. In fact, as I was typing that first sentence, I caught her trying to eat my passport."

Oodie, the very hungry parakeet, is shown pulling the keys off of a laptop. He is dubbed the "Hardware Engineer with Wings."

A photo of Tyson, a two-month-old boxer who shredded just about every shred-able item in the apartment, is titled "I might be bad but I'm perfectly good at it," in honor of the well-known Rihanna song.

Eight-month-old Mario, is dubbed the "Puppy of Mass Destruction," and poses with his victim, the flower pot, with a guilty look in his eyes. "No toy, shoe, package, loaf of bread, bag, bit of laundry or plant within his range is safe. What's an owner to do other than laugh, snap some photos and share?" his owner, Gayle, posted.

Haas and Brophy started the blog a year a half ago. It is a spin off their other blog, Sh*t My Kids Ruined, which was inspired by Brophy's two children.

"My sister called me one day with the idea for a variation of the Kids site and I thought about our family dog and some of the spectacular things he had done," Haas said.

Columbo, the 10-year-old family pug, is known for his outrageous shenanigans.

"I was house-sitting one day and I had worked very hard on this sandwich. I put it on the counter and when I got back from the bathroom, Columbo had eaten the whole thing," he said. "As a thank you to me for the sandwich, he peed on my bed and pillow that night. And to top it all off, he escaped from his crate that night," Haas chuckled. "I was very impressed with the variety of his effort all around."

The blog has already gone viral, with thousands visiting the site every day and almost 15,000 fans on Facebook.

For more hilarious Sh*t My Pet Ruins photos, click here.

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