'Grandparents Discover Photobooth' YouTube Goes Viral

Some grandparents have done it again - they've gone viral. A YouTube video called " Grandparents Discover Photobooth" shows the grandparents playing with distortion effects on Photobooth, a program for Mac computers. More than half a million people have now clicked on them.

The minute-long video, posted by a YouTube user called ThaneACovert, features about a dozen grandparents vamping for the camera. They make animal noises, stick their tongues out,  laugh at their distorted faces and rock out to the Black Eyed Peas.

"Look at my nostrils," one woman laughs. Another exclaims, "Look how little my mouth is!"

"You have to end it now. You have to," the last granny says through tears of laughter. "I can't stand any more."

These senior charmers are just the latest to go viral. An elderly Oregon couple became viral video sensations in September when their granddaughter posted a YouTube video of them fumbling with their new laptop.

(Image credit: Youtube/ThaneACovert)

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