Honeywell Aims to Make Consumers Breathe Easier

Honeywell's Febreze Freshness Cool & Refresh Fan. Image: Walmart

The air in American homes is soured by pollutants, allergens, bad odors, dust, mites and germs.  Living in a big city can make things even worse. All of which creates a market for companies like Honeywell, trying to make breathing easier for humans and pets alike with an array of products.

Walking around the Honeywell Housewarming Party, a promotional event held in New York, the first thing that catches the eye is the company's new Febreze Freshness Cool & Refresh Fan ($29.99). Using cartridges that last 2-4 weeks, the fan can cool can an entire room and allows the user to control the amount of odor elimination and freshening.

A product aimed at pet owners is the Pet CleanAir Air Purifier.  The purifier captures up to 95 percent of airborne allergens as well as airborne fur, hair, and dander.  An activated carbon pre-filter helps reduce unpleasant airborne odors. It's useful for pet owners with small rooms and limited space.


Consumers who have bad allergies or are prone to illness, Honeywell says, should give the its AirGenius air purifier a try. The AirGenius can be set to specifically target germs and allergens, or it can function as a standard air cleaner. With a built-in sleep feature for near-silent running, as well as an auto-timer, you can purify the air in your home with little to no effort. The device contains a reusable filter, which is cleaned by running it under some warm water.

Kaz, Inc. which manufactures products for Honeywell, offers a range of air purifiers, fans, space heaters, and humidifiers. The firm says consumers can find the right products for their needs and their bank accounts.

Kaz brand manager Kristin Anderson said "Our focus is on home comfort."

Spring is upon us.  Take a breath.

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