Top 10 Places to Lose Your Cellphone in the U.S.

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How many times have you lost your phone this year? According to Lookout Mobile Security, the average American loses a phone at least once a year - which adds up to more than $30 billion in costs for U.S. consumers.

According to its website, "Lookout's analysis, from more than 15 million users, found that demographics and behavior are the largest factors influencing phone loss. In 2011, Lookout located 9 million lost smartphones, which equals one phone every 3.5 seconds."

Lookout broke it down to the individual level and found that the total cost for each smartphone owner would be $250 a year.  Lookout sells apps to help people find lost phones.

Lookout also found that certain cities were hotspots for lost phones.

Philadelphians run the highest chance of losing their phones, followed by people in Seattle, Oakland and Long Beach, Calif.  New York City was ninth on the list.

Lookout said cities with high rates of phone loss were also on the FBI's list of cities with the highest crime rates. Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland and Newark were all on both top-10 lists.

The study also broke down phone loss by location.

So if you've lost your phone in a coffee shop, bar or office, you're not alone. Those were the top three places people lost their phones.

According to Lookout co-founder and CTO Kevin Mahaffey, "Safeguarding your smartphone starts with protecting it from the number one risk you face - losing it."

For the full list of top cities and locations, click here

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