Video: Gray Whales Touched by Tourists

VIDEO: Mother and her calf approach whale watchers in Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico.

Greg and Barbara MacGillivray, the founders of One World One Ocean, a media campaign dedicated to restoring the world's oceans, came face to face with two gray whales during a recent trip to Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico.

"We would never approach the whales directly, but waited at a respectful distance of about 20-30 feet of a visible whale and calf to see if they would approach us. The initiative was always in the whales' court," Barbara MacGillivray said in a blog.

The whales approached, and the MacGillivrays were able to touch them and film the encounter.

"Frequently, it seemed like the mother wanted us to see her calf, actively pushing the calf close to our boat," Barbara MacGillivray said.

According to One World One Ocean, hundreds of gray whales migrate each year from Alaska to San Ignacio Lagoon to give birth and mate. The organization said it is legal to touch the whales and that there were  strict regulations to ensure that interactions between whales and humans occurred only on the whales' terms.

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