Mom, Baby Hummingbirds Star in Live Webcam

VIDEO: California couple points camera at nest of mother raising her babies.

Live broadcasting by Ustream One of the world's smallest and hardest-to-spot birds is the star of a new webcam video where Internet users can watch a mother hummingbird raise tiny hummingbird babies.

The hummingbird webcam, started by Joe and Erica Dellwo of Irvine, Calif., provides a unique view of Phoebe, a female Channel Island Allen's hummingbird, taking care of two baby hummingbirds, Mary-Jo and Woody, in a nest in the Dellwo's backyard. The hummingbird cam has been positioned on the nest since the Dellwo's first noticed a hummingbird setting up a home there in 2007.

Mary-Jo and Woody, who have yet to leave the nest, are the youngest members of Phoebe's family, which has seen a steady influx of baby hummingbirds, up to three a month, since they started filming.

According to the Dellwo's website,, Phoebe typically lays two eggs at time which take about 17 days to hatch. The eggs are the size of tic-tacs, while the nest is the tiny size of a golf ball, they say.

The babies in the video are expected to take flight within the next couple of days, according to the website.

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