Liquidmetal iPhone 5 Just a Concept

Antoine Brieux / NAK Studio

For the last few weeks there have been new rumors about the next iPhone, or what some are assuming will be called the iPhone 5. Chief among those rumors has been that the glass back of the phone would be replaced with a strong alloy called Liquidmetal.

The rumor originated a couple of weeks ago from a South Korea report and since then has taken on a life of its own. The photo above is by Antoine Brieux, a designer who has even thought up and designed what he thought the so-called Liquidmetal iPhone could look like.

Brieux posted the photo on his NAK Studio design site just two days ago and it has quickly spread across the Internet.

But before you start screaming "WANT!" or thinking this will be your next phone, remember that Brieux was just inspired by the rumors. "I imagined the design not to be revolutionary, but a a good mix between the two generations of the iPhone," he told ABC News.

And even more evidence seems to be mounting that the Liquidmetal rumor is, well, just a rumor. Although Apple does have rights to the material and has used it in small parts of the iPhone before,  Business Insider spoke with the founder of Liquidmetal, Atakan Peker, who says that Liquidmetal still needs time to develop.

"For example, I estimate that Apple will likely spend on the order of $300 million to $500 million - and three to five years - to mature the technology before it can used in large scale," Peker told Business Insider's Steve Kovach.

Apple is expected to release the next iPhone in the second half of the year, perhaps in September, close to a year after the iPhone 4S was released. Apple has not said anything publicly about the next version of its iPhone. In the meantime, we will just have to keep looking at Brieux's beautiful concepts.

Antoine Brieux / NAK Studio

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