VIDEO: Skydiver Lands Safely Without Parachute From 2,400 Feet

VIDEO: Stuntman Gary Connery used a wingsuit to land from a 2,400 feet drop.

Stuntman   Gary Connery  plummeted from 2,400 feet - without a parachute - and landed completely unscathed in the middle of more than 18,000 cardboard boxes in Buckinghamshire, England, today.

Connery became the first person to jump out of an aircraft  wearing only a wingsuit and land without a parachute, the jump organizers said.

After exiting the helicopter, Connery, 42, reached speeds of 80 mph and then slowed to 50 mph before hitting the boxes. The jump lasted about 50 seconds.

"I feel incredible, just completely elated," said Connery. "I have been training and planning for this record attempt for many years now, and I am so proud to have achieved a world first."

Image Credit: Karen Sutton/Limelight Marketing/Getty Images

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