Game Review: 'Metal Gear Solid HD Collection' for PS Vita

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If you were to ask me about the hardest game I ever played as a kid, hands down my answer would be the original "Metal Gear" on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Several sequels, prequels, side quests, add-ons and epics later, the world of "Metal Gear" keeps growing. For those "Metal Gear" fans that like to be on the go, Konami has released the "Metal Gear Solid HD Collection" on the PS Vita. Composed of "MGS 2? and "MGS 3?, the games play every bit as good as the originals. With the added bonus of touch-screen controls and even more refined graphics, Vita fans will not be disappointed with these ports.

Taking advantage of the Vita's touch-screen, players are able to swipe their fingers left or right to make Snake (or Raiden) peak around corners. The touch-screen also allows you to select or deselect items and zooming when the camera is selected. The developers even utilize the back touch-screen, which allows players to pull up while hanging or stand on their tiptoes. In "Snake Eater," the back touch-screen can be used to interrogate your enemies and thrust the knife when equipped.

(Image Credit: Konami)

PS3 owners who have the console version will be able to transfer their saves to the Vita and continue their gaming on the go. I think players will be pleasantly surprised at how well the Vita version holds up to the console.

Although not all of the original mini games are included in this pack, players will still enjoy tons of VR training missions as well as "Snake Tales," where you can play five different stories staring Solid Snake. When you boot up "Snake Eater," players have the options of also playing both the original "Metal Gear" and "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake," which were originally released in Japan.

(Image Credit: Konami)

Although "Metal Gear: Peace Walker" isn't included in this set, fans of the series should definitely pick up this title. I've beaten both games multiple times in the past, and I still enjoy each game immensely. With a lack of blockbuster titles on the Vita, "MGS: HD Collection" is a refreshing addition to a thus far lacking library.

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