App of the Week: SportStream

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App Name: SportStream

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iOS, Windows, Desktop

What does this app do? The Yankees are playing the Blue Jays this weekend and the Red Sox are up against the Orioles. For football fans, the Patriots are playing the Bills and the Jets are playing the 49ers. Pepper in some college football and there's a lot to keep up with, and likely you are going to do some of that on Facebook or Twitter.

That is where an app like SportStream becomes intriguing. The San Francisco-based company launched its social media app this week for the iPhone, and aims to be the go-to second screen experience for game lovers who want to chat, see stats, follow commentary or tweet their own. The app allows you to follow several games at once on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account and you will see a list of games being played on a given day. Tap on a specific game to follow, such as the Dolphins game against the Cardinals, choose to follow it and the app will display real-time, dynamically updated tweets and posts.

But here's where SportStream aims to differentiate itself from just your average aggregator: the app uses a custom-built data engine to cull from a variety of leading contributors, such as journalists, fans, bloggers, and players in order to deliver relevant, meaningful content to users. SportStream CEO Bob Morgan, who worked with his development team to create this tool, sees connecting fans with rich media as an important piece to the app's success. "We're excited to see the quality of information and how low-latency it is."

As you scroll through the conversations, you can reply to a post, retweet, or mark it as a favorite. Select the Chat button at the bottom of the screen and jump into a specific game's chat room, or tap the Stats button to see scores and play-by-play information, too.

Is it easy to set up? Download the app from the iTunes store and log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also log on by going to their website and navigating from your desktop.

Should I try it? SportStream elegantly integrates real-time updates on games as well as relevant conversations - a must for those who love to participate through social media.

However, the app has some hefty competition. For example, ESPN ScoreCenter and At Bat are also available for Android users and both offer video.

Still, SportStream's ability to curate and filter quality editorial content and conversations make it watching the game of your choice a fun, smart experience.

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