Tips on Taking the Best Photograph on Your Smartphone


ABC News' John Donvan reports:

Thanks to the 21st century creation of the cameraphone, a lot more people are taking photos than they used to.

In 1930, the world was taking a billion photographs a year. In 1960, it tripled to three billion and 57 billion in 1990. Today, we take 850 billion photos a year.

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While there may be too many pictures of what people had for lunch, a cliched never-again sunset or "shoe-stagrams," there are more stunning photos being taken too. Photos have become a new language and a new way to tell stories.

Joe Brown, the New York editor of Wired, knows exactly how best to capture the moment.

"People are getting better, which is nice because my Facebook feed doesn't look so terrible anymore," he said.

The most common mistake people make is using the flash, he said.

"If you want to make your subject look like a vampire, by all means, shine a giant ultra white light in their face."

You should also turn on the grid on your phone to straighten things up. "Nothing kills a photograph more than it being crooked," Brown said.

Be mindful of composition. Use the lines of the grid to place your subjects along its intersections. Professional call this the "rule of thirds."

Another big mistake cameraphone users make is using the zoom. On a regular camera, there is a series of lenses that magnifies the image when you zoom, but that doesn't happen on a smartphone. It just crops it.

Brown's bonus tip? Always take more than one photo, even if you think you got the perfect shot on the first try.

Finally, be alive to the moments around you. Take some time to freeze beauty and capture what used to be gone in an instant but can now linger on, alive in our photographer nation.

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